The ALLINTERACT project, selected for funding by Horizon 2020 (European Commission Framework Program), aims to promote citizen participation in science, specifically in education and gender. From February 22nd to March 1st (every day from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) it will organize a Sciencethon in which any citizen can participate for free and online, promoting scientific evidence in education and gender and helping to distinguish it from hoaxes.

In this Sciencethon, there are five challenges in which citizens can participate, either individually or in a group. School students and teachers, family members, entities and associations, university  students and teachers, or any other person can participate. The challenges are related to Adhyayana and Sappho, open, democratic, dialogic platforms where anyone can distinguish scientific evidence and hoaxes in education and gender. In order to continue contributing and sharing these platforms among everyone, these are the five challenges (you can choose one or several):

  1. Write new posts with affirmations that people identify in their daily lives that are not yet on the platform.
  2. Search for posts categorized as “Needs more evidence” or “Controversies”; look for new evidence on the topics of those posts and add the scientific evidence as comments to those posts so they can be classified as “Evidence” or “Hoax”.
  3. In different Wikipedia entries, add the posts of the platforms as a source in the bibliography.
  4. Share posts from the platforms, classified as “Evidence” or “Hoax”.
  5. Discuss a post (with comments) from any of the two platforms in the categories “Evidence” or “Hoax”: read it and discuss it in a class/group. Then upload a comment to that post with the conclusions of the dialogue.

If you don’t want to miss out on this dialogic way of improving society, follow these steps:

  1. Register on one or both platforms (the one(s) you are going to use for the challenges):
  1. Sign up here 
  2. Choose one or more challenges! 
  1. When you have finished the challenge, fill out the document you will receive from the ALLINTERACT email.
  1. If you want, share your experience on social networks and mention ALLINTERACT (@allinteract on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok).

With these actions, all of us can contribute to disprove the hoaxes in education and gender that do so much harm to boys and girls, thus making the human right to science a reality.

Por Garazi Lopez de Aguileta

PhD Candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison