Seven feminists published the article Breaking the Silence In Critical Pedagogy in a scientific journal in 2021, months before the behaviours of Boaventura de Sousa Santos, one of the references of the global social forum, finally came to light. After that publication, more and more courageous victims, survivors and many other diverse people are now saying loud and clear that there are referents who do sexual harassment against victims and isolating gender violence against critical authors who support the victims.

After that and a subsequent article, it has become clear that the real motivations of some of these men who write and speak so much about social transformation are in reality fame, luxury and power over those who follow them. With their behaviour and their “theories” they do not transform a single school or social environment, they only increase their income. Let us never again fall into these errors, let us debate these and other similar publications that do generate social transformation. Let us never again choose as references of critical theories, critical pedagogies and critical movements those who do not transform anything and on top of that do sexual harassment and isolating gender violence to those of us who do not submit to their impunity, to their silence.

Por Elena Duque

Profesora de la Universitat de Barcelona